Plan Your Own Enterprise 2011 Winners

Australasian Division 1 Winner: (Individual)


Jessica Kirkpatrick
Ballarat Grammar School, Victoria

Business Plan: BA! BA! MANURE

The name Ba! Ba! Manure depicts the nature of the business. As the name suggests the business involves the packaging and sale of sheep manure. The high quality and affordable bags of sheep manure are either delivered or picked up for sale from various locations. As an add-on the business also provides a service of cleaning out underneath farmers shearing sheds. Ba! Ba! Manure believes sheep manure is the best fertiliser on the market to improve the performance of garden plants.

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Australasian Division 2 Winners: (Group Entry)


Anna Bosman, Alexa Bouletos, Rosalinda Raiti and Sandra Edwards
MLC School, New South Wales


iCatching iCases is an online business that sells quality hand-made cases for phones.

A two-fold purpose – protection of the phone from damage and a stylish case to make a fine fashion accessory.
This new, innovative device protection company will provide high quality, moderately priced, unique hand-made cases for mobile phones and MP3 Players. The business will provide prime protection for all electronic devices – available for purchase from home as this will be an online company that will become globally recognised as it targets the technological teens’ age group.




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