Plan Your Own Enterprise 2010 Winners

Division One Australasian Winner: (Individual Student Entries)

Name:                         Sophie Huyben
School:                       St Philip’s College, Northern Territory
Business Plan:            Party on Wheels

Party on wheels is a mobile event company providing the perfect balance of entertainment, events and catering that promises to overwhelm, excite and delight guests and their children. Drive in Party Experience in the Gold Coast and Brisbane will provide the highest quality party experience.

The Party on Wheels provides flexible packages and variable rates. Its strong drawcard will be to deliver the party to the doorstep.
Division Two Australasian Winner: (Group Entry)

Name:                         Calum Mitchell, Jack Harrison, Ross Welling
School:                        The Hutchins School, Tasmania
Business Plan:            Street Soccer Tasmania

Street Indoor Soccer is a way of playing the game with the rules of soccer bent and more relaxed. Street Indoor Soccer is unique.
The prime function for Street Soccer Tasmania is to bring soccer onto the streets with a slight twist.

The game will be run on the street similar to ‘Futsal’ run by the Football Federation Tasmania, however it will be a more laid back game, fewer whistles, more play!


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