Plan Your Own Enterprise 2008 Winners

Congratulations to the winners of the 2008 competition.

Australasian Winners – Plan Your Own Enterprise Competition 2008

National Division One Australasian Winner:

Name:                         Jane Chester

School:                        Launceston Church Grammar School

Business Plan:            The Black Sheep

The Black Sheep will be a quality restaurant situated centrally along the Midlands Highway; Tasmania’s major travel route.

This rural based enterprise will comprise a scenic lookout onto a peaceful farm and will cater for a large range of customers such as families, business people, local travellers, tourists and town’s people via a dine-in restaurant and a drive-through food outlet.

The dine-in restaurant will cater for those wanting quality service and food in a comfortable setting with a pleasant environment. The drive-through food outlet will particularly cater for travellers wishing for fast service, quality food and a short stop time.

National Division Two Australasian Winner:

Name:                         Nikki Durkin - NSW

School:                        Kambala

Business Plan:  

Swapique is a website that will offer women access to the biggest online World Wide Wardrobe (‘WWW’). Members will list their clothes, shoes and accessories on WWW and trade them for Swap Points (‘SP’). The SP can then be ‘spent’ on any desired items in the WWW.

The website targets the often overlooked cash-poor, fashion and technology savvy markets, such as teenagers and university students and also creates an easy and fun way to save the environment by recycling.

Swapique’s aim is to provide a fun, friendly and safe environment for women worldwide to swap their fashions and constantly rejuvenate their wardrobe on the lowest budget possible. It will be the ultimate place for girls to network and connect with new people over fashion while at the same time supporting environmental practices.

National Division Three Australasian Winners:  

Name:                         Matthew Dovison and Sharif Long 

School:                        St Leonard’s College

Business Plan:            Stress Free Scoring

The prime function of the business is to release stress from parents that either struggle or dislike scoring of Basketball, especially when they have just come back from a hard day at work and would like to relax and watch their children play.

The location chosen to start the business will be at the Dandenong Stadium. This will be a great beginning for the business due to its large size and popularity as a stadium.

Their mission is what the name says, Stress Free Scoring. To provide a professional service to parents to free them to enjoy watching their children play sport. A lot of children play basketball but many parents are not confident about scoring. By using our interest and knowledge of basketball we can provide a service to parents and an income for ourselves.


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