Plan Your Own Enterprise 2007 Winners

Congratulations to the winners of the 2007 competition.

Division One
Name: Maria Koulianos
School:Darwin High School, Northern Territory
Business Plan: Ultimate Paintball

Ultimate Paintball is a team based sport that involves opposing teams playing out active packed combat style scenarios. Ultimate Paintball is committed to providing the highest quality gaming experience, for their customers. They aim to make paintball fun, challenging and a team building sport. Ultimate Paintball abbreviated to ‘UP’ will be a member only club to maintain a high quality environment.

Division Two
Name: Michael Carey
School: Christ Church Grammar School, Western Australia
Business Plan: Wiggles n Giggles Ltd

The mission statement for Wiggles n Giggles is ‘to create shareholder value by promoting to children the value of continuous, secular learning, the benefits of healthy eating and a physically and socially active lifestyle.

Wiggles n Giggles is a small business that integrates the operation of a fun centre with the operation of a childcare centre. While originally based in Perth the future vision for the business is to expand to other capital cities.

Division Three
Names: Rebecca Miller and Megan Young
School: St Leonard’s College, Victoria
Business Plan: Paw Resort Friends

The resort offers to look after small pets when owners are away either on holiday or work. The resort will look after rodents, fish, reptiles, birds and insects in a specialty dedicated area. Feeding, exercising and caring for the creatures during the owner’s absence will be a key role of the business.

The partnership will provide a loyal, trustworthy and honest place to leave pets. All creatures whatever shape or size will be cared for.

Paw Friends Resort will strive to provide a home away from home for the loved pets.
The niche was discovered because of the great difficulty in finding someone to look after small pets during an absence. It’s relatively easy to find kennels for dogs and catteries for cats when you need them but most people have to rely on family members or close friends to look after their smaller pets while they are away.



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