Plan Your Own Enterprise 2005 Winners

Congratulations to the winners of the 2005 competition.

Division 1 Australasian Winner

Rhiannon Beach

School: Canberra College
Business Plan: Pups For Fun: Dog Crèche

Pups For Fun is a dog day-care centre, set up similarly to a childrens’ crèche, offering activities for puppies and young dogs. The service targets working pet owners reluctant to leave their young dogs at home. While at Pups For Fun, puppies will benefit from fun activities, socialising with other puppies and most importantly a safe and loving environment.

Pups For Fun is in a niche market, targeting middle to high-income earning consumers who can’t afford to spend the weekdays with their pets but can afford to put them in quality ‘day-care’. The business will initially service the south side of the Canberra reqion with future prospect including a dog grooming service, obedience training and long stay facilities.

Division Two Australasian Winner

Brendan Pegg

School: St Edwards College
Business Plan: Men in Black: Holiday and Pet Care Pty Ltd

Brendan’s witty business plan describes his vision for a comprehensive at home service for people with pets and/or vacant holiday homes. Having thoroughly analysed the demographic of his local coastal area, Brendan is confident that his services would be in great demand. Offering pet walking/feeding, garden maintenance, mail retrieval and cleaning, Men in Black would provide peace of mind to its customers; knowing that their pets were well cared for and their home secure and clean.

Division Three Australasian Winners

Jack Beardsley
David Emms
Ben Jones

School: The Hutchins School
Business Plan: Tasmanian Helicopter Services

Having contemplated the successful helicopter tours on offer in New Zealand, this team quickly identified a business opportunity for Hobart. Tasmanian Helicopter Services would provide scenic flights across Tasmania, tourist transport to resorts across the State, remote picnic sites, bushwalking destinations and simple drop offs/pick ups. Researching alternative sources of finance (commercial and local government) and making real enquiries with Helicopter manufacturers and aviation authorities, this team has produced a believable and encouraging business plan.


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