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Assessment Making it Happen
Australian Bureau of Statistics Oz Projects
Australian Population Association Pacific Neighbours: Understanding the Pacific islands
Australian Electoral Commission Pacific Region Links
Australian Reproductive Health Alliance Publishers of SOSE resources
Discovering Democracy Teaching Human Rights and Responsibilities
Enterprise Education Studying APEC on CD-ROM
Federation Community Project Spirited Away Study Guide
John Curtin Prime Ministerial Library  

Pacific Neighbours: Understanding the Pacific Islands

Pacific Neighbours: Understanding the Pacific islands is resource book of information and activities for Year 7-10 students to develop their knowledge and understanding of the Pacific region, its history and geography, its political and social development, and its people and their cultures. AFSSSE was funded to promote and support teachers implement the teaching of this resource.

Discovering Democracy Civics and Citizenship Education

This website is part of the Discovering Democracy School Materials Project, developed by Curriculum Corporation for the Commonwealth Department of Employment, Education, Training and Youth Affairs. It provides information about the project, resources for teaching civics and citizenship education, and teacher and student materials.

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Spirited Away Study Guide

A study guide (907kb PDF format file) for the animated feature film Spirited Away, rated PG and suitable for Years 5-8. The guide has been produced by the Australian Teachers of Media (ATOM) and written by primary and secondary teachers so that it can be used in classrooms throughout Australia. The study guide provides information and suggestions for learning activities across the Key Learning Areas of the Arts, English, SOSE, Science and Mathematics.

The season starts nationally in cinemas on 12 December 2002,  with sneak previews on 7 & 8 December. Participating cinemas are also interested in doing preview screenings for schools in these final weeks before the school holidays begin.

For more information on the cinemas screening Spirited Away go to the official web site at www.spiritedaway.com.au or email the distributor, Niche Pictures at: lyn@maverickfilms.com.au.

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John Curtin Prime Ministerial Library

The John Curtin Prime Ministerial Library (JCPML) has a strong association with the History Teachers' Association of WA and the website provides many curriculum resources useful resources. As well as historical documents which can be accessed on the website the library is in the process of developing an educational webpage. The website URL is http://john.curtin.edu.au.

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Pacific Region Links

 Tongan History Association home page
 Tongan History Association discussion forum
 Pacific news updates by David Robie
 Pan Pacifica's current publications in the Pacific catalogue
 1100 films and videos
 European Society for Oceanists (ESO) web site
 Micronesian Seminar (Pohnpei) web site
 Rotuma Island message board and news page
 Commonwealth of Northern Marianas Islands web page
 Discussion on the Feb-April Sandline crisis in PNG
 ABC/Radio National (Australia) radio reports from "Backgroud Briefing"
 News about Banaba
 Pacific Rim Research Unit at University of California, Riverside
 Pohnpei Agriculture and Trade School (PATS) Nan Model web page
 Centre for Cross Cultural Research at ANU home page
 Centre for Cross Cultural Research's Oceanic – Art home page
 Pacific conferences and seminars update
 Teaching the Pacific Forum (TTPF) web site
 Kavabowl discussion site
 Tonga general information web site
 South Pacific Information Networks (SPIN) home page
 South Pacific Information Networks (SPIN) events calendar is at
 Electronic journal of NZ and Pacific islands Literature (TROUT)
 Pacific Islands Liason Centre network at ANU, Canberra
 Australia-Papua New Guinea Frienship Association
 Hit Tau in Tahiti
 Pacific Islands Report with 12 current events reports from UH
 Asia-Pacific Magazine
 PHA 1998 Honiara Conference homepage

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Australian Reproductive Health Alliance

The Australian Reproductive Health Alliance has produced a curriculum kit on Population and Development. It can be downloaded from their website at www.arha.org.au by following the link on the left to "Activities" and then to "Education".

The Australian Reproductive Health Alliance (ARHA) is a non-government organisation whose major function is to monitor the Australian Government's response to the Cairo Plan of Action, which was the outcome of the 1994 International Conference on Population and Development. Within this context, the core of ARHA's mission statement is to promote public support for enhancement of the status of women and reproductive health rights. ARHA is also committed to provision of education on issues related to sustainable development, population and the environment.

A major focus of the Alliance's activities is educational work with young people. Over the past few years the Alliance has run a series of youth conferences titled "Planet Without a Plan". These are educational seminars which generally involve groups of students from several schools. Topics discussed include sustainable development, global population issues, the HIV/AIDS pandemic, reproductive rights, gender equity and the environment.

This kit is intended to complement the youth conferences by providing ideas and resources for teachers and students to work on these issues within the classroom. The kit was originally produced for Victorian Schools in 2000. As the issues covered in the kit change so rapidly, the kit was updated in December 2001. Where possible, website and other contact details for relevant organizations have been provided so people using the kit can continue to update the information. If you would like more information on any issues covered in the kit or to order a kit, please contact ARHA at our email address arha@arha.org.au or by telephone on 02 6287 4422.

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Federation Community Project

"Boggo Road Gaol Interpretation"

Commissioned by National Trust of Queensland using Centenary of Federation funding, this resource is an education kit produced to be distributed free to Queensland schools. The kit comprises a CD-ROM plus background booklet and is based on the existing Boggo Road Gaol which was the first purpose built Women's Prison in Queensland and was constructed in 1901 - the year of Federation. Target group: Years 5-7 Primary; Years 8-10 Secondary.

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Oz Projects

Oz Projects provides online curriculum projects for students and teachers at http://ozprojects.edna.edu.au.

Teaching Human Rights and Responsibilities

The Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission has developed resource materials for educate students about human rights and equal opportunity through role plays, guide activities, surveys, personal stories and prompted questions for discussion. Obtain details about the Youth Challenge program.

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