Western Australia

Activities aimed at raising awareness of the Discovering Democracy materials have resulted in many teachers now seeking information and assistance. The AFSSSE representative on the professional development committee, Meredith Wright, reports that two members of the HTAWA Management Committee are also Trainers for the DD PD Programme so links between the professional associations and the PD teams are well maintained. At least half of the secondary trainers in WA are members of HTAWA.

The only concern is with the Primary sector. The History Teachers Association of WA and the WA Social Science Association are working together to discuss ways of using HTAWA expertise and WASSA access to lower secondary and primary teachers to improve the use of the DD materials. It is hoped PD programs will be provided in Term III and IV this year.

HTAWA has published information about the DD kits in their Bulletin and will run some workshops on DD during the National Conference in September. The HTAWA website links to the AFSSSE website for information on Discovering Democracy.

The HTAWA hopes to supplement the work done through the Train the Trainer program, the information gained at the National Conference, and the activities targeting primary teachers by running more workshops on Discovering Democracy in 2000.

Report from Meredith Wright – AFSSSE Representative

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