AFSSSE Supported Case Studies

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Gin Gin State High School

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Bundaberg State High School

Case Studies With Project Officer Input

The AFSSSE Project Officer has been contacted by a number of schools in Queensland to run workshops. AFSSSE has not been funded for this so Sandra Kenman has been presenting workshops on a ‘user pays’ basis as a joint venture between AFSSSE and EdServe, her consultancy business. Workshops on linking the Discovering Democracy materials to SOSE outcomes in Queensland are being conducted as follows:

1. Redlands district: a number of primary schools have accessed Discovering Democracy PD funds and are using AFSSSE/ EdServe to:

2. Primary schools in the Pomona/Cooroora are holding a full day workshop on using the Discovering Democracy materials to develop units of work linking to SOSE outcomes. Workshop organised by AFSSSE/EdServe

3. Primary and secondary teachers in the Gin Gin (Wide Bay area) are holding a similar full day workshop.

4. Secondary teachers in Mt Isa are consulting with AFSSSE/EdServe to develop a number of units of work, which links the Discovering Democracy materials to the SOSE outcomes, and to local Aboriginal history. See Appendix and AFSSSE web site for examples of these units of work. 1. Should the People Rule; Parties Control Parliament; A Democracy Destroyed. 2. Law and Human Rights. Appendix 14 and AFSSSE web site.

5. Primary teachers in Moranbah (central Queensland) have used AFSSSE/EdServe resources to develop a unit of work on Stories of People and Rulers; Parliament versus Monarch to link to local mining/union issues and the excursion to Brisbane to visit parliament house. Appendix 15 and AFSSSE web site

6. Schools have formed a cluster in the north Brisbane region (Aspley/ Zillmere) to discuss the materials at a staff meeting and at a weekend workshop. AFSSSE/EdServe to conduct sessions on using the materials. All primary themes to be linked to SOSE outcomes to develop units of work for students.

7. EdServe and AFSSSE will work with the teachers at Park Ridge State School to prepare materials for a CDROM to show democratic processes in the school, and links with democratic process in the local and wider community.


Gin Gin State High School
Bundaberg State High School

Teachers' Workshop organised by AFSSSE and EdServe

Overview to Civics and Citizenship Program linked to Discovering Democracy Resource

Year 8 – Foundation

Year 9 – Diversity, And Democracy In Operation

Year 10 – Protecting Our Democracy

School Community

Links to Discovering Democracy Kit
Year 8

  1. Should the People Rule unit linked to school topic ‘Ancient Civilizations’. Start with map of ancient civilizations and time line (TCC and Place and Space)
  2. Activities on types of governments (pp12-14). Complete group work on the poster activity (pp15-16)
  3. For two lessons, operate the class according to different forms of government.
  4. Origins of democracy – Ancient Greece – how democracy affected different groups. Group research – each group researches role of one group in that society.
  5. Democracy in Australia – orientating activity – main groups in Australia today – how democratic system impacts on them. Fig 4 p29 and activity 2 page 28. Voting (pp30-33). Voting – simulation activity.

Possible SOSE outcomes:
SRP 4.5 6.5

Year 9

Making a Nation linked to school topic ‘American Revolution’.
Link back to French Revolution (activities in kit).
Culture study – focus on American Imperialism and how this could threaten other cultures. Independent study.
Human Rights linked to school topic ‘Refugees’. Developing empathy towards minority groups in Australia.

Possible SOSE outcomes:
SRP 4.1 5.1 4.5 5.5 6.5

Year 10

Democracy Destroyed linked to school topic ‘World War I, World War II’.
Nature of democracy p78
Use CDROM for principles
Use CDROM Stories of Democracy and p74 timeline activity. Also research taqsk p80.
Activity 2 pp78/79 (leads into Youth…)
Use Idea and Policies p84
Evaluate decision making – what are positives and problems with this – lead to discussion – domestic policies
Link to real people p85. (roleplay ideas to challenge)
Democracy destroyed through propaganda. PP86/87 – outcomes – voting a result (see charts).
Problems with representative democracy.
Simulation activity p92 – what failed? How?
Link to Australia p95. Democracy protected. How? Eg popular politics.

Possible SOSE outcomes:
SRP 4.5 and 6.5