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2016 Business Educators Australasia Biennial Conference – “Thinking, Teaching, Doing Business"

The 2016 Business Educators Australasia national conference will be held in Hobart, Tasmania on Thursday 29 and Friday 30 September 2016. The conference will provide a forum for the teaching and learning of business and economics education and associated studies for colleagues across Australia. A particular emphasis will be on the development of the Australian Curriculum. As EBE NSW is an affiliate member of Business Educators Australasia, EBE NSW members can attend the conference at a discounted rate. There are also low student teacher rates available.
Currently the Conference Planning Committee is calling for expressions of interest for papers and workshops. More details can be found on the home page of the Business Educators Australasia website at which will take you to the conference website.

The Australian Curriculum: Economics and Business

The Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA) has released a draft curriculum for public consultation of the Years 5–10 Australian Curriculum: Economics and Business.

The draft curriculum is available on ACARA’s Australian Curriculum Consultation website. You will need to register on this website to read, review, download or print the draft curriculum and to complete an online consultation survey.

The final Shape of the Australian Curriculum: Economics and Business has also been published.

National Consumer and Financial Literacy Framework

The 'National Consumer and Financial Literacy Framework' has been approved by AEEYSOC. This document is a revised version of the National Consumer and Financial Literacy Framework (the Framework) originally developed in 2005. It articulates a rationale for consumer and financial education in Australian schools; describes essential consumer and financial capabilities that will support lifelong learning; and provides guidance on how consumer and financial education may be structured to support a progression of learning from Foundation–Year 10. Companion resources to this Framework, being developed by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC), provide further guidance about integrating consumer and financial education into specific learning areas of the Australian Curriculum. These companion resources are available at:

New websites launched

The MoneySmart website aimed at helping all Australians by offering  free, independent guidance so people can make the best choices for their money has been launched by ASIC.The website covers the basics such as budgeting, saving, credit cards and loans, and more complicated issues such as optimal superannuation contributions, margin loans, reverse mortgages and income tax. It has many new calculators and tools, including four calculators that you can use on mobile phones. 

The launch of MoneySmart is part of a broad strategy to improve the financial literacy of all Australians and includes: 

  • the National Financial Literacy Strategy (ASIC Report 229); and
  • its accompanying research report Financial literacy and behavioural change (ASIC Report 230). 

You can read the strategy and research report at

A revamped website for educators at explains how financial literacy fits into the school curriculum, and has resources that teachers can use. This site will be progressively upgraded during 2011.

The importance of economic literacy

With a sound knowledge of economic concepts [students] can better understand and evaluate the nature and impact of policies at all levels of government. [They] can explain the multiplier effect of increased government spending, and how it raises Australia's level of income, output and employment.

Economics students know

  • that the national debt does not necessarily impose a burden on future generations of Australians
  •  that an economy is not run like a household … the reasoning at the time of the Great Depression
  • about the role of the Reserve Bank in determining monetary policy, the concept of overnight cash rates and the policy implications of rising interest rates
  • how banks can actually create credit and money through their lending policies.


Business Educators Australasia (BEA) is the peak organisation for 12 subject associations that support the teaching of business education. BEA, in conjunction with its affiliated associations, aims to promote and extend business education 

Recently BEA has played a significant role in developing the Australian Studies of Society and Environment curriculum statement and profile. 

  1. To maintain effective communication with and between BEA affiliates, executive, the education sector and other appropriate bodies.
  2. To ensure that BEA and business education are represented and promoted at appropriate forums.
  3. To support BEA affiliates to profile business education in their State.
  4. To identify and respond to policy as it impacts on business education.
  5. To provide opportunities for educators and students to participate in national business education-related activities.


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Executive Officer & AFSSSE Representative
Ms Christine Reid 
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Treasurer and Secretary
Ms Jules Aldous
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Do you want to promote business education?

BEAQ has designed a series of full colour brochures which are suitable for use at subject and career selection and parent‑teacher evenings. Download an order form here.

Teachers, Students and the Law (National Edition)

A quick Reference Guide for Teachers

The outstanding success of the first edition for Victorian Teachers has lead to this National edition, relevant to all Australian teachers.

This revised and updated edition will guide primary and secondary school teachers through the many complex legal issues that arise in the school environment. Covering eighteen common legal issues for schools, from bullying, excursions and discipline to assault, family law and copyright, Teachers, Students and the Law provides concise, plain language information in an easy-to-use format. This book answers many common questions about legal issues which concern teachers, and provides practical advice and checklists at the end of each section to help teachers plan actions to comply with the law. The Directory section lists further references and some helpful organisations. An indispensable pocket-sized resource for all teachers.

ISBN 1 876045 17 5 Paperback 72 pages $6.50 (20% discount for orders of 3 or more)
TEL ORDER 03 9602 2877

Enterprise Education resource materials

The Careers Education Association of Victoria (CEAV) have prepared a resource which is a compilation of programs and materials in Enterprise Education in the Victorian Secondary Education Sector. The cost of the resource is $6.00 plus postage and handling. If you would like to obtain a copy, contact the CEAV on (03) 9349 1900.

Pacific Region Links

A very useful collection of Internet links provided by Ian Gray.

Professional Development

Details of other BEA professional development activities available from the Executive Officer.

Member Associations

BEACT Business Educators Australian Capital Territory Inc 

BEAQ Business Educators Association of Queensland Inc 

BEAT Business Educators Australasia Tasmania Inc 

BETANT Business Education Teachers Association of the Northern Territory 

BETASA Business and Enterprise Teachers Association of South Australia lnc 

BEWA Business Educators of Western Australia Inc

EBENSW Economics and Business Educators New South Wales 

ETAWA Economics Teachers Association of Western Australia 

ETSSA Economics Teachers Society of South Australia 

QETA Queensland Economics Teachers Association Inc 

VCTA Victorian Commercial Teachers Association 


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